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FERCAP Membership Information

Types of Membership

FERCAP is composed of ordinary and honorary members. 

Ordinary membership is open to individual persons who act in their own capacity as well as institutions and organizations.  Any member (past or present) of an ethics committee (EC) in the Asia-Pacific region may become an individual member of FERCAP.  Those who are not members of ECs but are interested in the ethical review process in health research can be nominated by two ordinary members who are members (past or present) of ECs.  Any EC in the Asia-Pacific region may become an institutional member of FERCAP. 

Honorary membership is for those individuals admitted because of their outstanding service to the goals and/or programs of FERCAP.  Honorary members are nominated by ordinary members.  They can be from any region, including those outside the WHO South-East Asia Regional Office (SEARO) and WHO Western Pacific Regional Office (WPRO).

Procedures for Membership

Those eligible for ordinary membership may become members by making a written request to the FERCAP Steering Committee and by completing the FERCAP Membership Form.  Ordinary membership may be annual or lifetime membership.  Nominations for honorary members are reviewed and decided by the FERCAP Steering Committee.  Honorary members are appointed for life.

Current Membership

Presently, FERCAP has members from the following areas/countries: Australia, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, China, Denmark, Fiji Islands, France, India, Indonesia, Japan, Laos, Malaysia, Maldives, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, Norway, Philippines, Samoa, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States of America, and Vietnam.  

Benefits of Membership

Towards capacity building of stakeholders and quality improvement of ECs in the Asia-Pacific region, FERCAP members are encouraged to participate in the organization’s major programs/projects:
    International Annual Conference
    Training Programs [Human Participant Protection Course (HPPC); Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Development Course; and Surveying and Evaluating Ethical Review Practices Course];
    Networking [SIDCER, WHO-TDR, WHO SEARO, WHO WPRO, WHO-TDR Clinical Coordination and Training Center (CCTC), and other national, regional, and international institutions];

FERCAP members are entitled to registration fee discounts in a number of FERCAP activities including the FERCAP International Annual Conference.  FERCAP members who attend the FERCAP International Annual Conference also receive the latest FERCAP Conference Proceedings.  FERCAP members also receive the FERCAP Newsletter and various communication and information on ethical review process in health research.  

Last Update:January 5, 2014.
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